Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hej :) I have finally finished university, so I thought entering the adult world would be a great opportunity to start a new, more diary meets lifestyle blog to separate these posts from my food posts a little more. If you're interested in my food ones, you can find them here
This blog will be a little like an Instagram account or a Tumblr, the only difference being that the photos are not always necessarily square (have that Instagram) and will often be accompanied by a little bit of text.
Because I chose the end of my university career to start this blog, I thought it would only be appropriate to show you how we celebrated our evening. 

We started off with some delicious champagne that my amazing grandma sent us. She loves that stuff and wants everyone to have access to it, even poor students. What can I say, it was muchly appreciated!

We then went on to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in Loughborough. The Thai Grand. As you would expect on a Tuesday night, it was packed. Or not - glad I made a reservation. As per usual, it was super tasty, please tell me I'm not the only one, who would happily bathe in Thai Green Curry? 

After dinner we went to see the Great Gatsby. I was actually a little bit disappointed. No I haven't read the book and thought it didn't follow the plot well enough, nor did I think the modern music was inappropriate (quite the opposite I thought that was very well made), but I just thought for the little storyline there is to it, it was dragged out way too long. What a shame, I wanted to like it so badly. (Do you ever get this that you really really want to like something? VitaCoco has to be my biggest one, I've it tried so many times, but just can't get myself to like it. If anyone has any tips on how else I could become cool, please let me know haha). 

I have to say the realization that we have finished uni has only really kicked in now (a whole week later). 

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