14/06/13 London Town

Friday, 14 June 2013

Today I went into London to have a little wander, get new clothes for my holiday and most important of all: go to Wholefoods. I missed that place. If there is such a thing as paradise, mine would look pretty much like the Piccadilly Wholefoods Store. It's just actually perfect! I could happily just sit there all day and wander through the aisles and eat their food and I decided today that if I could only ever eat in one place for the rest of my life (leaving out Michelin type establishments), I'd choose that Wholefoods, they have sushi and pizza and a deli and a lunchbar with different things every day and best of all, it's probably healthier than the food at most places. Yum yum yum.

Anyway just because I love London so much, here's some photos from today.

I walked past this beautiful café and just had to take a photo, all the cakes looked so nice!

Delicious lunch at Wholefoods. I think Wholefoods has some of the best sushi, and it's so filling because of the brown rice (I'm aware I'm probably just imagining this). 

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