7 legs and 2 friendly faces; Meet our two beautiful dogs

Sunday, 30 June 2013

This is Mia, she's from Spain and has only got three legs, which according to Daniel looks like an optical illusion, because she still runs like crazy, and which doesn't really bother her at all for now. She's super lovely but at the same time the most hyper dog you could possibly imagine. Where she takes all this energy from, I do not know, 
I just wish she'd share it with me. We adopted her last year to keep Paul, see below, company after our last dog sadly passed away. 
This is Mister Paul. He's fully equipped with 4 legs and also one of the loveliest dogs you could imagine. Anyone who says dogs don't want to be used for cuddling will be proven wrong when they meet Paul, he's the most cuddliest dog anyone has ever seen. He doesn't know many words, but apart from sit and lie down, he knows head (where he nestles his head against your chest) and lap, where he jumps on your lap with his front two legs and again nestles up against you, it's the cutest thing, especially because he's everything but little. 

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