A Very Warm Welcome Home

Saturday, 29 June 2013

The day after the night we got back from our holiday, I headed straight back to the airport to fly home. As much as I love living in my own flat (which we don't even do at the moment, because we just moved out and still have to find a new one), I always always always absolutely love coming home. It's so good to be the kid again, to sleep in my own room, to play with the dogs and to spend time with my family. I do always miss them dearly when I'm in the UK for months at a time, but at the same time, I really think we spend more quality time together this way, because whenever I'm home, we all actually make an effort to spend time together and to make it count, rather than just living along side each other.

My mum often has little cute surprises for me when I come back, but this time she surprised me even more than usual, she got me these beautiful flowers and a super cute Alice in Wonderland scarf.

I especially love this scarf! I'm not usually one for playful/comic clothes, but first of all this so pretty, but more importantly it came with a special message which I will always remember when I see the scarf. Mum bought it for me to always remember to keep my curiosity, my slight craziness and to just be happy and not take everything too heavily. A perfect present to come home to after finishing uni when everything just feels so daunting, right? 

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