Gran Canaria 2013

Monday, 24 June 2013

We really didn't believe it was still going to happen, we had been looking at potential holidays for so many days 
it had become a pretty full time occupation, aaaaand we found nothing. Actually that's a lie, we found some cool looking holidays, but then when we took all our courage to look at the couple of negative reviews we were told 
people had suffered from life threatening injuries and/or food poisining etc etc and whilst we of course don't really know the actual circumstances and to what degree the hotel was to blame, it just didn't feel right. But then when we had already given up, Daniel had one last look, simply because the search window was still open on his macbook and and and guess what, he only went and found us a holiday in paradise! We stayed in the Cordial Playa in Gran Canaria for a week and it was incredible. I had such a great time and it was good to spend some time with Daniel that wasn't in exam and coursework captivity in our flat and definitely not actually very sociable in nature.

Daniel managed to really improve on his jumping in the pool style. I personally think his talents are wasted on Computer Science and he should become a professional at pool jumping!
We didn't actually take a lot of holiday-y photos, because we're still working on taking more photos with us in them (we'll get there eventually) so obviously the rest of the photos are of our favourite things: food and cards (obviously durrrrhh). 

I don't know about you, but when we eat, we eat. We don't just have one lame plate of food for breakfast, we have a main course and then we have breakfast dessert as Daniel calls it. During our holiday, we were reminded several times that this is not normal in most people's opinion. One day they'd clear our table whilst we were gone to get our dessert, another the waiter would give me the most unbelieving look when I asked him for more cutlery. My bad, but the food was just so delicious. 

Gazpacho is so incredibly refreshing! I could have bathed in it, with little cheeky crispy bits of bread - delicious. 

The above is pretty much my perfect dinner composition for every single day, two of my favourite foods of all times assembled on one single plate - divine. 

We played a game I'd never heard of before called "speed". Daniel introduced it as a game I was going to like and where I was going to scream and oh boy was he right. It's so much fun and I definitely screamed more than once too!

Now we're back in the cold and I'm actually sipping on some jasmine tea, I do like it cozy too. What have you guys been up to last week? 


  1. sushi looks good!!!hehe wow hope you had a good holiday, oh to go away somewhere lovely. :) Great pics

    1. Thank you Christina :) The sushi actually was really tasty, I was so surprised, it's never usually great at a holiday buffet