Moving Out.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

On Tuesday we moved out of our first flat together. It was probably the first place I lived in away from "home home" that at least felt a little bit like home. Like when we'd go back there after the holidays, I'd feel like I was going home, even if it was just from one home to another. A couple of days before Tuesday, we went out in Loughborough one last time, and whilst it was to probably my least favourite club there (it's cooled dirty echoes for a reason, you've got to be careful everything is very sticky), we ended up having a really good time!

I didn't have too much time about getting sentimental though, because I was too busy being annoyed about having to move. It's just so much work. How can this much stuff even fit into such a little flat?

To cheer us up after a long long day of packing our lives into boxes once again, we rewarded ourselves with beloved Dominos pizza, we even treated ourselves to a double decadence base and some Coronas. Yum Yum.

I don't know about you, but I personally can absolutely not wait to move into an apartment/house without a move-out by date, where it's worth putting in a lot of effort to make it ours. So this is the end of me being a student, I'll probably pop up a couple of posts about tips for uni in general/for being a student in Loughborough in particular :) 

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