Mum turned 50 yesterday and to celebrate we spent a couple of days in paradise!

Friday, 28 June 2013

My lovely mum turned 50 yesterday, so major celebrations were in order. She had spent ages trying to come up with the perfect way to celebrate, she wanted something with just family and if possible something away from home to escape all the everyday stress properly.
A friend of hers recommended a lovely hotel in Alsace, which we all thought sounded perfect so that's where we went! We were expecting a beautiful place, but what we found was close to paradise.
Mum, my nan and I went there a day earlier, so we could spend all of her birthday relaxedly wandering about town, and my aunt, brother and granddad joined us yesterday evening for a birthday meal.

The first evening we went for a slightly more casual meal - still very delicious, look at all this cheese!

And of course there was still champagne. 1) We can't take a 50th birthday weekend lightly (or you know during the week but hej) 2) My nan loves that stuff (who doesn't)

Mum and I stayed up chatting until midnight, which I thought was the perfect time to give her her present. I put together 50 "thoughts, memories and wishes" for her, so it was nice for her to actually have time to go through them. One of my mum's friends even wrote a little poem about the relationship between mother-daughter for this occasion, which formed the perfect last note.
I'm super glad my mum seemed to like her present! I'm so pleased with this photo, it's so nice and natural and doesn't my mum look beautiful?

The next morning started with super delicious breakfast and actually perfectly boiled eggs (I didn't think this was even a thing in hotels). Unfortunately it rained like crazy, so we just went to an outlet shopping centre (where I found the perfect trenchcoat, almost like it was my birthday). But then we were super lucky and the sun came out for a nice coffee and champagne (of course) in the sun.

Then it was time for my personal favourite part of mum's birthday: DINNER! 

We had a wonderful evening with lots of good food and are now back at home :) One last time, happy birthday mum, you're the bestest! 
(This photo isn't from yesterday but I thought I'd post it anyway, because it's my favourite recent photo of my mum and I :) )


  1. Du bist so ein Schatz. Ja, es war ein 50. Geburtstag wie er schöner nicht hätte sein können. Danke für einen wundervollen Kurztrip und das goldigste und liebevollste Geschenk :-)

  2. Was für ein zauberhafter Ort! Und das Foto mit der wunderbaren Geschenkkiste zeigt deine Mum wirklich ganz wunderschön. Was für eine tolle Idee du da hattest. Hach, es freut mich sehr, dass der Geburtstag so gelungen ist.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Alexandra

    1. Danke für deinen Kommentar Alexandra :) War wirklich wunder wunderschön, und das Foto ist womöglich mein neues Lieblingsfoto von meiner Mama!