Tea at two.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

(Before I forget, I have to credit Daniel for the title of the blogpost, it was his genius idea and I'm just copying him, because he's cool and I'm still learning how to be cool).

After the loveliest holidays of all holidays, it took us absolute ages to get back. The flight was pleasant like on the way there (it was with a different (much nicer) airline than it was supposed to be), but the journey home from the airport was a bit of a nightmare. Normally there's a direct train from Gatwick to Daniel's house (obviously not literally, but you know), but not Sunday, no no. We had to go from Gatwick to Victoria and from Victoria to King's Cross, from where we could then get our final train home.

From Victoria to King's Cross, we had an unpleasantly rude bus driver. First he let us stand in the cold, then he just drove to the stop 10m ahead without even signalling it, even though we had formed a proper queue in front of it, and then he decided to accept Daniel's ticket and reject mine (even though we had the exact same tickets). This made me a bit annoyed, I wasn't feeling great, it was in the middle of the night, and he then had to top it off by starting to drive without issuing me a ticket, which made the whole thing a lot more difficult than it needed to be. Anyway I stopped being angry when I saw someone else thank the rude bus driver on his way out, which made me think that it's much nicer to stay a friendly person yourself even if others aren't. I also tried to make myself realize that I don't have a clue what sort of day he had had. Maybe his girlfriend broke up, maybe his son was ill and he wanted to be with him.

Anyway, then when we got to King's Cross, we realised that we had just missed our train by like 3 minutes, which meant we had to wait another hour. Luckily there's a Starbucks at King's Cross AND they were playing good music, so even though it was past two o'clock in the morning at that point, I actually enjoyed the rest of the journey home. Daniel played with cards, I took photos of it and we chatted about everything and nothing, about how we've finished uni now and have to become proper adults with real jobs.

I like these moments in the middle of the night, when everything around you has slowed down a little and you have a good chat with someone close to your heart.

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