A fun day out in London

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Yesterday the weather was simply too beautiful to not go on a little trip, so Daniel and I ventured into London for icecream, a bit of culture and a cardshark show.
My main discovery of the day was nitrogen icecream from chin chin labs. Seriously amazing stuff, they always have 4 base flavours and as I understand it, two of them vary, and a variety of cool toppings. We decided to go for Vanilla icecream; I had it with chocolate covered potato chips and Daniel with caramelized pretzels. We went for Vanilla icecream, because we really wanted to let the toppings shine, but I have to say this is some seriously delicious Vanilla icecream, I'd go as far as saying the best I ever had! The chocolate covered potato chips were also a delight, I might have to always have crisps this way (very clean eating that would be). I'm already planning to go back there (maybe tomorrow with my mum) and try their "watermelon and dill" flavour, which just sounds wildly refreshing. 

To top a day filled with sunshine, icecream and refreshing juice off, we also found greatly discounted tickets of a cardshark show on yplan. If you live in London, you absolutely need this app! It always shows you what's on in London for the next 48 hours or so, and you can even buy tickets through the app (and often at a discounted rate because it's so spontaneous). If you get the app, and put in "GOODBYE-" as a code, you can get yourself 7 pounds as a start bonus (and if you actually decide to book anything through this, I will get 7 pounds too ;).

The highlight of my day would have to have been when a waitress asked me for my ID. Yes I've officially reached the age, where I see it as a compliment, especially because I recently got a little upset about never being asked anymore, because most places have the policy that people that look under 25 should be asked (and I'm 22 and like to think that I don't look a day older!). Anyway yesterday they only had a "look younger than 21" policy, and I still got asked. SCORE. To be young again hej!

P.S. We like to take photos of our reflections. Because we're cool and that. 


  1. That ice cream place sounds amazing!! I'd love to try that watermelon flavour- sounds so interesting!

  2. I heard of Chin Chin Labs through Rosie Londoner, but that fact that you went, means I really do have to go now! ;) xxxx

    1. You won't regret it, it's so so good! I love that even though it's obviously quite funky, they've also gotten the basics (like the Vanilla ice-cream) absolutely right too :)