A magic show and more summertimes in London

Thursday, 11 July 2013

On Monday, Daniel and I went into London to see Luke Jermay's show, which was really good. I'm never quite sure what to make of these shows, because it must just all be fooling the audience, which I guess is the whole point of it, but on the other side I want to believe in real abilities, rather than just theatrical abilities and making the right kind of fuzz about things. Either way, it was very very good and we both enjoyed it. At one point, he told the audience, that he's aware that most people come into these shows thinking a particular thought and that if he gets that particular thing, they'll buy into it. He proved he could get it for one girl, but not for me. Granted I only thought of something after he told us that everyone does, silly me.
I thought, "Please pick Daniel" and "Please pick the young man situated next to me" for the entire rest of the show, but apparently my sender abilities aren't very good so it didn't happen haha.
I definitely would have loved to see Daniel up there, because knowing his magic himself, maybe he could have made it trickier or something. Or then maybe they never actually take real people from the audience, who knows!

Anyway, as I said, we had a very nice evening. Before, I finally persuaded Daniel to get food in wholefoods with me (yes I'm that sad!). I had Sushi with smoked tofu some sort of spiced mayo and avocado (I LOVE their sushi!) and Daniel had a Burrito. We had to pretty much inhale the food, because we got there just about in time. But after the show, we were pleasantly surprised that it was still light outside so we decided to get a slice of pizza each before some Häagen Dazs (I never actually got it in a cone before), nom nom, and watch some (amazingly good) breakdancers in Leicester Square who put a little show on every 15 minutes. They were so so good and if you see a big crowd there, go a little closer and have a look, it's really worth watching!

This weekend my lovely mum is coming to the UK. First of all, we're going into London (because she hasn't been in there for 20 years, and I've fallen in love with this city so much over the last year or so that I really wanted to show her), and then on Monday we're heading up to London with Daniel to meet the rest of my family for my graduation on Tuesday. I still can't really believe I'm actually a graduate.

Have you had your graduation this summer? If yes, I'd be very grateful for any tips how to make it up there as gracefully as possible without any falling or stumbling incidents ;)

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