London Town with Alice.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Yesterday I met my lovely friend Alice for dinner. We had a lovely time, but there was one tiny disturbance... on my way to the train station and from the tube station to the restaurant, I managed to get myself 4 (!) blisters, because I had decided to wear in my new shoes (bad bad bad idea), so when Alice suggested going for a couple of drinks after dinner I had very mixed feelings. On the one side, it was a beautifully mild friday evening and I felt like it, on the other side, I couldn't walk from pain from the blisters.
But problem solvers that we are, we located a H&M that was still open, where I bought sandals that hardly touched my feet at all, it felt like heaven!
So then, we had a little wander around Soho and went for some drinks at some random pub, where Alice could even follow the Tennis which I had rudely taken her away from ;).

Oh and before I even met her, I randomly found a juice bar that I'd read about before, so I obviously had to get one... I went for spinach-apple-pineapple, and it was beyond delicious, so tasty and refreshing. It made me realise that it's definitely worth blending ice into the juice, because it takes the delightfulness a whole level further.

We went to Mildred's in Soho and I had a Burrito which was super delicious!
Tonight I'm going to Daniel's brother's fiancées hen do, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit scared, I've never been to one and they often seem scary, but we'll see, I'm going in open-mindedly (ish haha).

What are you up to this weekend?

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