My grandparents golden anniversary

Monday, 29 July 2013

I just blogged about my grandparents' golden anniversary on my other (food) blog, which made me really want to blog about it on here too, because I treat this as sort of a photo diary and I like the photos, so they practically need to be on here ;).

The reason I blogged about it, is because I need help, since Daniel and I have to (we don't have to, but it was our present) cook them a five course meal, and I thought it'd be nice if people helped me decide on what to cook (especially if they have any diabetic-friendly dessert ideas!). If any of you over here have any ideas, feel free to comment them on here as well, I'd love to hear. I'm looking for beautifully elegant food that's not only delicious, but also shows my love and appreciation that I have for my grandparents, because they're the best grandparents anyone could wish for and have always supported me throughout my whole life.

So, anyone got any cool, elegant, loving, diabetic-friendly food ideas?

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