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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Have I told you before that I'm a little weird? Like the kind of weird that makes you a little uncool, but not weird enough to belong to some sort of weird group? Like I love wholefoods, but sometimes I love to get dominos or have a donut, full of sugar, not one of the healthy kind. Most people don't understand why you'd love wholefoods so much, and those who do, look down on me for eating processed sugar and dairy not just once in a while, but a little too often. I even eat carbs, lots of them. Don't judge wholefoods people, don't judge.
So anyway I love myself some healthy food. It makes me feel good about myself, and after a day of eating healthy things I instantly feel a whole stone lighter.

Daniel left this morning to go to Budapest for his brother's stag do, so I'm a grass widow for the weekend, I could go wild, he'd never know (apart from if he reads this blog, where I'm confessing all my not actually that dirty secrets), but instead I went shopping and came back with a whole bag of veg. It was super heavy and everything and on top of that I managed to have a whole package of VitaCoco. I'm so unbelievably proud, for as long as I've known about coconut water, I've really wanted to like it. Don't ask me why, I just get this sometimes, and I usually try to like it until I do, again not very cool.
It's not even that we eat unhealthily, we eat very healthily, most of our dinners consist of mainly veg (such good students), but there's something about trying to come up with a very alkaline dish. This far, I don't think Daniel would enjoy going. He likes healthy food, but not my crazy hippy talk and food. Very understandable.
So yeah, this is how I go crazy. I buy celery and cucumbers (for juicing) and melons, and tomatoes and lemons and avocados and and and. It's beautiful.
On the other hand, I'm also looking forward to him coming back, so I have a dominos buddy again, and someone who tells me when I'm going crazy with my healthy eating again. Yeah, that's it for today. Informative post, right?

P.S. I'm about to make banana icecream, you know the stuff with just frozen bananas and no dairy? Yeah that... because I can, and because I'm cool in an ehm how do parents say to their kids? In a very special way, that's right!

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