On Marriage

Sunday, 7 July 2013

“… I feel like nowadays we live in a world where marriage isn’t valued the way it once was or could be … nowadays it seems like a contract you can 
get in or out of depending on what you want in that very moment (of course this depends on circumstances, and some marriages shouldn’t go on) and the significance, the sacredness, the commitment, all the hard work… I think a lot of that is lacking in society’s idea of marriage these days. and I think that is so sad. and unfortunate.
I love being married. I am thankful for a husband who values me and our marriage and makes our family his first priority every day. our marriage is not perfect and we often have a lot of “do overs” throughout the day (have you ever tried that? you say something stupider than stupid and you’re like oh man. that so didn’t come out right and you ask for a do over? yeah. I am usually asking for a lot of do overs throughout the day.) but I am thankful for a husband who has a lot of patience with me, is never sarcastic (I think sarcasm is terrible for any relationship) and understands the power of forgiveness” 
By Taza, quoted from this post. Font (Dawning of a New Day) by Kimberly Geswein via dafont.com

I'm posting this very long quote, because it resembles so well what I think. Obviously I'm not married right now, but at some point in the future I'm hoping that I will be. And I know that it won't always be perfect, but with appreciating this long before I actually get married, I'm hoping to mentally prepare myself for it being hard work to make a marriage work, but at the same time, I have this deep belief that it's worth it! That if you marry someone you love and can imagine spending the rest of your life with, that you can make it work, this means effort on both sides and an appreciation for the fact that in real life as opposed to in fairytales, things don't necessarily always flow in a perfect way, but that it can be perfect in an unperfect way, if both parties commit to their marriage and appreciate
the fact that it will require their commitment every single day.

I'm rambling on, again I don't know why I think so much about marriage, I'm definitely not planning to get married any time soon, but it just gets to me how many people give up without fighting these days. I'm a soppy romantic myself, but I realise that it's too romantic a view to assume that things will always be rosy. They probably won't be, but I just believe and never want to give up the belief that it's worth it.

The other thing in Taza's post that really caught my eye was her being grateful for her husband never being sarcastic. I always thought of sarcasm as being witty, funny, and maybe even intelligent, but thinking about it,
whilst it can be funny at times, it's really out of place in a relationship, because it can be hurtful. I think it's
 often just a sign of insecurity, but I for one will try to use it as little as possible.

What are your thoughts on marriage?


  1. agreed! I think there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a couple that have been there for each other throughout their whole lives,though thick and thin..and have unconditional love for each other,my great grandparents spring to mind!

    But then a lot of people can be life long partners and not get married,i guess its just what you believe in, i like the idea of telling the world how much you love your partner by getting married. also don't you think its odd hows there is quite a stigma with young marriages these days?

  2. Oh definitely! It's because noone believes in making them work anymore, especially not in young people being able to fully commit to something as serious as marriage, but I don't think it's got anything to do with age but with character and attitude.
    At the same time you're very right, I don't think people necessarily have to get married, it's a nice gesture, but being happy is more important and if getting married doesn't fit into the picture, then that's fine too.