Pimms on the Terrace

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I was already having a pretty good day yesterday (see here), but then we (nan and I, we're a true dream team) decided that it'd be a good idea to make the most of the sunshine, invite the rest of the family (in Daniel's family this would take a formal selection and invitation process, because his family is considerably bigger than mine, but here three texts work fine) to the grandparents' terrace and finally try out the new Pimms that I got for my nan last week, the one with blackberry and elderflower. I couldn't find any blackberries in our local supermarket to put in, but I thought blueberries would do just as well, and watermelon, well who can ever resist a juicy lookin' bit of watermelon? 

 Two things:
1. The Pimms is delicious. I don't know if I prefer it, but it's definitely a nice alternative, I think you kind of have to have it, not just because it tastes good, but the bottle design is beautiful!

2. We had such a lovely afternoon/evening! I had even brought the dogs around for the little party and they were having a great time too. I love these little spontaneous encounters when everyone just happens to be free and willing to meet up and even the sun decides to behave for like the first time this summer.

This also happened on Sunday, when I saw one of my friends again for the first time in like a year and a half (which is too long and shouldn't happen again!). If she hadn't been spontaneous, I definitely wouldn't have seen her either Sunday or 1.5 years ago that one time. It was so good to see her again, and she was even up for just walking our little crazy dog monsters, and again the sun actually came out, which I definitely didn't expect (I had a hoodie with me, just in case).


  1. What a beautiful cocktail! Lovely!

  2. These photos are so gorgeous. That watermelon is making me hungry!