A lovely countryside break.

Monday, 12 August 2013

I've always loved the countryside, probably more so since I moved away from it. When I lived back home, I always took all the fields and forests where you could go on beautiful walks for granted, I thought there was always a nice spot to go for a walk at. I was sad to realise when I moved away that there isn't. Don't get me wrong, I love London, I really really do, but when I'm here, I miss the countryside! People always say you should walk at least 30 minutes a day, well apart from into town, I don't really know where, which makes me sad. I also sometimes lack the motivation to go for a walk, because there's no dogs here. I really really want a dog, life is just a little more complete when you share your home with a little exitable buddy! Anyway. 
So last week, I was speaking to my friend Alice and once again told her just how much I miss the countryside, sooooooo she very kindly offered me to come to Norfolk for the weekend to spend some time with her and her family (and her dogs). I accepted her lovely invitation and had an amazing little countryside break.
Norfolk is so pretty, it's like a completely different world. I drove there on Saturday afternoon, and I met Alice (+ family) at a castle, which was incredibly pretty, where we went for a long walk. Afterwards, we had the most incredible Norfolk icecream (I don't really know how the Norfolk in it makes it any different, but it was some of the tastiest icecream I've ever had!).

Then in the evening, we had a BBQ. I have to admit, I usually just opt for Linda McCartney Burgers, which is strange in a way, because I love cooking , but then on the other side, those burgers are just so tasty, and I think there's slightly less veggie bullying, when your food at least looks like what everyone else is eating haha. This boring, bought veggie food did not fly with Alice. She's a vegetarian too, and she thought me being there was the perfect opportunity to actually go all out there and make actual dishes. So we made super tasty chargrilled aubergine and sweet potatoes in a greek yoghurt-tahini sauce and marinated Halloumi and veg skewers. It was so worth the tiny bit of effort (it really wasn't much), because it tasted so so good! I will definitely make all of this again. Probably in about 5 minutes, because writing about the food makes me hungry again!

There was even BBQ dessert (a speciality of her family) - bbq-ed Bananas with brown sugar and cream/greek yoghurt, which too was surprisingly tasty (and too simple to not make again). But not just the food was great, I was in great company and we chatted away for hours.

Isn't this the cutest photo ever?
The next morning, we went on a boat tour to see seals! I didn't even know this was a thing. It was so so cool, I definitely didn't realise how many seals live on the coast of Norfolk! They're definitely living the life, just lying in the sun all day and going for a little refreshing splash in the water, whenever they feel like it. This was so much fun, and only like a tenner, which I thought was pretty good value (although Alice's mum treated me to this, I would have been very happy to spend my own money for this, such a cool experience).

As I said, I had a lovely time, it was nice to see Alice and her family again and also great to have a cuddle with her three (!) dogs. Does anyone know a nice country-side-y place to live that's not too far away from London? If you do, please tell me, I think I might have to move there right away.

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