Monday, 26 August 2013

Ireland was so so good, exactly what I needed. It's so strange, that even though I know that it's really good for me to not constantly be online, I'm online all the time, and end up wasting way too much time too. In Ireland, that's not an option (I'm not saying the Irish don't have Internet yet, but where we stay, there isn't any), you're lucky if your phone picks up signal to make a call, but in my books, that's a good thing most of the time. You know how I talked about trying to get less distracted (click), let me tell you something, it's a hell of a lot easier, when you just don't have as many distractions! Here's a little list of all the little things I loved about this holiday:

❤ Reading! I finally went back to just sitting there reading for a couple of hours (thank you for the book recommendation, Alice :) ). Who would have thought, I still have it in me to read a book in a day! I definitely need to make more time to read in everyday life.

❤ Walks on the beach! We stayed in Daniel's nan's house which is conveniently located right near the sea. The only thing that could have made this more perfect would have been to have my dogs there, especially the crazy three-legged one would have loved it, she jumps into every puddle she can find, so I'm sure the sea would have blown her mind. Ireland is so beautiful, and I loved going for long walks, watching the boys skip stones (is that how you call it), and contemplate, whether I'd be brave enough to jump in the water (probably not).

❤ Playing cards and monopoly! For once we actually used playing cards for playing and it was really good fun. We also ended up playing monopoly for four hours (well the boys did, I came third and had to finish after only three hours).

❤ Food! I ate so so much food over the last couple of days, and I tried to just not care about calories, or fat or my new favourite sugar, I can eat healthy all of this week right? Cooking for a group of 11 is always a bit of a challenge, but everyone was always fed, so it was all good! I especially loved saturday night, where we went to one of Daniel's uncles BBQ, where they had THE tastiest Halloumi in the world! They were so smart about it and had it tucked in between trays, so it couldn't fall out, and you could actually leave it on until it went all gooey, yum!

❤ Last night at the pub (there even was live music). Irish music sure takes some time to get used to, but it was so much fun in the end! We went to two different ones, and in the second one, we met half the family of one of Daniel's cousins (who was also with us), including his 84 year old granddad, how cool is that? I've never experienced this anywhere but there that you can 'go out' (going to a pub is plenty of going out for me thank you very much ;) ) and noone's judging who you're with, or what you're wearing, because everyone's just busy having a good time, amazing.
As I said, I had such a good time, I really wish we could have stayed at least another week or two, but maybe if I'm nice to Daniel, he'll take me there again soon. Fingers crossed. Have you ever been to Ireland? If you have, did you love it as much as I did? And where did you go? If not, you need to go!

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