Tasty Food, Great Company and a Blue Chicken.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Yesterday I went into London to see Alice and Rachel, which was lovely if you don't get me started on how tfl didn't work very well again yesterday.
Rachel and I were starving, so we started by having a hearty lunch at Carnaby Burger Co, which was surprisingly tasty. I always get weird looks when I eat at meaty kind of places (like this or Nandos...), because I don't eat meat, but it's just that some of them have managed to come up with some seriously delicious vegetarian options! Alice had a vegetable dog with lots and lots of caramelised onions (don't they look incredible?)
And I had a falafel burger with a cucumber raita, melted cheese and a sweet chilli sauce on the side.
And just to show you a non-vegetarian choice as well, Rachel had a bacon and avocado hot dog

As I already said, they were all very tasty, but if I could now direct your attention to the star of the meal: the posh chips! Many restaurants offer posh chips, it often refers to them being sprinkled with truffle oil, or rosemary or parmesan or a mix of those, which is nice enough, but has absolutely nothing on the posh chips at Carnaby Burger Co. Their posh chips are with a sweet chilli & ginger dressing and guacamole. This might sound weird at first (it did to us as well, which is why we ordered one regular portion of chips and one portion of these, which we soon regretted), it sounds a little like they'd just be soggy, when in fact it just turns these innocent chips into something out of the world tasty! Think about it, we (you brits had me convinced) put vinegar on chips anyway, so why not do it with a tasty vinaigrette type thing? You need to try these. 

After the meal we just chatted and took a little walk around London. It was great to see these two lovely ladies again, especially because I hadn't seen Rachel in months. But this time we've made arrangements to meet up again soon (which is necessary especially because Alice is leaving me too, and moving away from London. Traitor). Actually calling it arrangements is a bit far, we haven't set a date or anything, but we decided that we should do a spa day some time around my birthday next month, which I'm so on board with! 
Here are some more photos of my favourite city in the world :) I especially love the blue chicken at Trafalgar Square, what's that about? What have you been up to at the weekend?

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