Birthday Weekend Part 2: About Time at Everyman

Sunday, 29 September 2013

On the Saturday, Daniel took me to see "About Time" at the Everyman in Belsize Park. Before I get into how perfect an evening we had, I'd like to tell you a little bit more about the way Daniel likes to give presents. He doesn't just write in a card detailing what we're going to do, he does it in riddles. Sometimes it turns into a little treasure hunts, and sometimes it's an actual riddle, i.e. something I have to figure out. This time it was a riddle, which I solved at 6 o'clock in the morning. Go me. The one for the Saturday was my favourite, all I was given were 4 images.

One of a bolt.
One of a clock.
One of an @ sign and
One of men and women with arrows pointing at some.

Yeah. Not very straight forward! I won't lie to you, I wouldn't have gotten it without his help, but I loved the creativity. So the bolt was, because it sort of sounds like about. The clock for time (this one I did get, go me!). The @ again pretty straight forward, but the last one?? It took some hints to get me to realise, that the arrows were pointing at all the men, and not at a single women. So long story short, it stood for Everyman, my favourite cinema in the whole wide world (you're getting a theme here of how amazing my weekend was, starting with my favourite restaurant in the whole world and continuing at my favourite cinema in the whole world!).

If you're not familiar with the Everyman, it's a small, very exclusive cinema chain. As Daniel says, you can tell you're in one, by the fact that you can hear spoons in dessert glasses instead of rustling popcorn. They bring you all your drinks and snacks to your seat. And oh boy do they have a selection! They have things like olives, frozen yoghurt, teapigs teas, chocolate covered raisins etc etc. We went for frozen yoghurt (I had mine with fresh fruit, deeeeeeeelicious!), chocolate covered raisins, and I had a rooibos tea as well. Pretty amazing already, right? It gets better!!! Let me talk a little about the seats. We had the very best seats in the whole cinema for two reasons! Firstly, they were back middle in the very middle, even the waitress acknowledged that they were the best ones in the whole room. Secondly, Daniel treated us to Premium seats, which means it's pretty much a sofa, so you can snuggle up. You can also put the seat back, and the footrest up. Honestly words cannot describe how comfortable this cinema experience is.

Let me be honest, in this cinema, I'd probably gladly watch the shittest film. I would. Just for the comfort, and I really wasn't expecting that much from the film, mainly because it just looked like a straight forward Romcom, but also because we'd only seen bad films in the last month.
I was wrong. I was so so wrong. Daniel and I both absolutely LOVED the film. It had everything you want in it, it was hilarious (like laugh out loud, happy funny. They say things like "never trust a blueberry", come on!!), it was heartwarming and it had a lovely morale. It's a film where you genuinely go out promising yourself to appreciate the little things more and to dwell less on what annoys you. It's a beautiful film, and I'm definitely planning to watch it again. Here's a trailer:

Have you seen it yet? Also have you ever been to an Everyman Cinema? They're slightly pricey, but so worth it at the same time! I'd rather only go to the cinema sometimes and go to one of these, than pay 10 pounds to go to a regular ones, where you can't even fit your drink in the drink holder (plus I think 10 Pounds is pretty steep anyway!). Plus they usually choose good films for these cinemas (since they can only show 1-2 at the same time, they're fairly small), which is a plus too!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

P.S. Very random, but Daniel thought I should mention that we had delicious homemade pesto just before we went to the cinema. And now that he's said it, I kind of agree, it was super delicious, and therefore made the evening even more perfect!

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