Hej you!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Hej you!
I've worked full time for a whole month now. 1 whole month. 4 weeks. I've received my first pay too. It's like I'm a grown up or something. But then also not quite yet. I'm struggling to post on this little blog at the moment, which is ok, because I only want to blog, when I feel like it, you know? Today I feel like it. I wanted to blog about my birthday weekend, because Daniel put together a wonderful weekend of delicious food, the comfiest of all cinemas and a Harry Potter Tour, but I will document that weekend another day. Today I just wanted to check in and say Hi.

I like working. I've met many great people that have so far failed to get annoyed when I ask yet another question with probably a very obvious answer, and they've made my start so much smoother. The one thing I really don't like is getting up at 6 o'clock. Ok make that 6.11, which is the very latest I can push it. I want to cry every single morning, because even though I'd describe myself as a morning person, I'm just not even a person before 7am. But that's changing a little soon, so it's not even worth moaning about.

But how are you people? How was your week/month etc? I'm genuinely interested, you know.

Oh but before I go, can I just tell you a cute little story? You know how I talked about mums being great the other day? Well Daniel's isn't bad either. She's not my mum, which is as we established what makes a mum the best mum, and I'd still rather be around my own mum when I'm ill or you know in general (I even already think about how I'll make sure to see her often when I'm pregnant one day), but she did something pretty sweet the other day. In the middle of the night when she went downstairs to get a drink, she heard me coughing, so she made me hot lemon water with honey. In that moment, it was the best, most soothing thing in the world ever. And then the next day, she bought me some "antibacterial honey" (Manuka). I'd been going on about that stuff for weeks, and we won't tell her that I already have a pot, but her noticing it in M&S and picking it up for me, I thought was pretty sweet. I'm very lucky with all the lovely people (mums and non-mums) I have around me.


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