Street Feast

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Today, we went against Razorlight's advice to not go to Dalston, ate our body weight in the form of a Burrito, received free food and drink from people who loved Daniel's card tricks, and are now snuggled up in bed after watching New Girl (YES to Jess and Nick finally kind of being an item!), so it's been a pretty good day so far!
But let's start at the beginning! I'd been wanting to go to Street Feast for weeks (since I heard about it). I'm sure you have, but just in case you haven't heard about this, it's 'London's pioneering night market', it's where you can find London's best street food traders, chefs and restaurants. It's on from 5 o'clock - midnight on Fridays and midday-midnight on Saturdays. Today was the day I could finally persuade Daniel to trek down to Dalston for some tasty street food! It's so so cool, if you get a chance, you should definitely go, I wish I could have tried all of it. If you're interested at all, check out the website I linked above, there's always a menu type thing where you see who's there that weekend and what you can buy from whom. They do it in all sorts of different locations, like breweries, warehouses or old tube stations for example, which definitely adds a certain something. I'm not entirely sure how much longer it's going on for this year (it seems like a summer thing), but the website updates all the time, so have a look next weekend or so :)
As per usual, Daniel was playing around with cards whilst we were having a look at the different stalls, and guess what, today we actually got something out of it! Sellers were so impressed that he was given BBQ chicken wings and two drinks we ordered were on the house at the bar too!
BBQ Chicken Wings from The Joint
I started with 'Chinese pancakes flipped with fresh eggs, coriander, spring onions, a blend of Chinese sauces and a Wonton Cracker' from Mei Mei's Street Cart, which was different to anything I had ever had before, but I have to say pretty tasty! For meat eaters, this would have also included duck meat.

I loved that it was wrapped in asian newspaper as well, added a nice touch! Food from Mei Mei's Street Car

Of course we couldn't stop after one course though, we had travelled for over one hour to get there, and come on, how could we possibly have gone home without having had a Burrito? So we went for it (of course we did, it's not like there was actually any thought process involved). We had a lovely little chat with the chap who runs their stand who told us that they're opening an actual joint for these tasty Burriots, and they're doing Street Feast as a kind of trial to make any last minute tweaks. They asked for our feedback and they got it: Very tasty indeed with a nice little crunch from the slaw! I absolutely loved the different consistencies they had going on and how fresh the whole thing tasted. Burritos can often be just mushy and heavy, and whilst these were definitely heavy in actual weight, it tasted refreshing and consistency wise was definitely a nice little change from the usual! I went for the chargrilled vegetable option and Daniel had his with pulled pork. They said they're thinking about introducing a baby burrito, which I think is a great idea, because as I said they were pretty heavy, Daniel thought you could probably knock someone out with them hah (I was not complaining though, I can eat my body weight in pizza/burritos/sushi/you name it, but I know there's a lot of people (especially girls) who wouldn't, and it'd be sad to waste such delicious food). If you like a good Burrito, you should check them out here.
Not photogenic, but oh so tasty!

I finished the day lunch with a mango lassi with cardamon and rosewater (which sadly had a little too much rosewater and cardamon in, but was otherwise absolutely beautiful), and Daniel with a honeycomb cupcake. A very delicious day indeed :)

Because Dalston is probably actually Hipster Central, I thought some Hipster-ish filters would be appropriate ;)

Have you ventured there too? If you have, what was your favourite? I'd love to hear and maybe check out the places in 'real life' as in at their actual location :)

P.S. Does anyone else get this thing where they feel very hungry as soon as the sickness from eating way too much fades? I always get this, everyone else I know just won't be hungry for a while, but I think I just extend my stomach so much that I get hungry sooner than before, very odd. I'm such a fatty.

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