Thank you ever so much YPlan, I'll happily take those (free) Kings of Leon tickets of you!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I told you about YPlan before, haven't I? But then of course I don't expect you to have read everything I've ever written on here. Basically, it's a brilliant app for last minute events in London, ranging from Outdoor Cinema in the Park to Magic Shows, Comedy and Concerts. If you haven't already, you absolutely need to sign up. I mean it. Do it now, before you continue reading (should you wish to do so). You can thank me later. Oh and if you do download it, use the code GOODBYE- to get £7 towards your first purchase on there (and if you make that first purchase, it gets me £7 too, I just thought you should know). Anyway, enough free advertising for YPlan, let me tell you what they gave me for free!

Yesterday evening, Daniel and I got to go to the iTunes Festival to see Kings of Leon, one of my favourite bands! I'm sure you all know about the iTunes Festival, basically it's a series of (really super amazingly cool) concerts, to which you can only win tickets. Daniel and I signed up to so many, but unfortunately are yet to win any. Sad times. Then I found out that YPlan put on a handful of tickets (also for free) at 11 o'clock the day before all the concerts. Sweet. Thing is, (surprisingly) we weren't the only ones that got exited about this. We both had alarms set for 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning, we both kept refreshing until it appeared on the app, and we were left disappointed when it was sold out before it even appeared on our screen. Gutted.
Luckily I think some sort of higher power really wanted me to go, so yesterday when I just wanted to have a general look what was on that evening, I saw that there were Kings of Leon tickets!! And I'm sure you will have guessed by now, I got them. Two beautiful tickets. So for once I left precisely at the end of the working day and raced to Camden, and got there with about two minutes to spare to pick up the tickets. It was then that we found out, that not only were we lucky enough to get tickets on the day to one of our favourite bands, YPlan tickets also got you fast track entrance, i.e. no queuing in the rain! Can you even believe how cool all of this is? I definitely couldn't until we were in and heard live music (Jimmy Eat World was supporting act!).
The concert itself was so so so so good! I had seen them live once before, and would definitely do it again straight away. I would happily have paid for this, it was a great concert. I just love Anthony Followill's voice (definitely gave me goosebumps more than once!) and there was a great atmosphere, because it was a much smaller venue than what they'd normally play, but big enough for the type of music they do (it was at the roundhouse in Camden). Amazing.
What a beautiful venue!

Can we just briefly talk about one thing that annoys me about concerts though? Encores. I don't get them. Can't they just play all their lovely songs and when it's over it's over? I don't like that encores have just become expected, and that some of the best songs are purposely saved for them. I don't even know why they annoy me so much. If I was in a band, I'd make it clear from the beginning that there wouldn't be one. One of the many reasons why my career as a rock/popstar would probably fail quite miserably ;)

Did you enter for any iTunes festival tickets? Who would you like to see out of the lot? Oh also, if you do win some amazing tickets on YPlan as well, you kind of have to take me along, you know because I pushed you in that direction. If you insist on taking an actual friend instead (although let me tell you I could be a great friend, I'd even buy you a drink), a nice meal will do instead, that'd totally be ok too!

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