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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello you, long time no see! Days can be over so quickly when you're working, which means weeks are quicker over too, and that it's important to kind of make time in between it all to be in the present moment and not just rushing around, trying to fit in socialising or whatever you feel it is you ought to do in your free time. Not saying, that you shouldn't socialise, not at all, socialising is great, but it's even better, when you choose to do it, because you really feel like it and not to cross one more thing of your agenda. I hope this makes sense, all I'm trying to say really is that it's important to watch out for what you really feel like doing :)
To me it's not just about having a good work-life balance in terms of hours, but also about actually unwinding in the life hours. Right now, I'm lying in bed with my macbook with Daniel asleep next to me, because he's a little jetlagged, after getting back from San Francisco on Friday, but at first I had the urge to get us up and ready, and do this and that, but still not really anything. It took me a little to remember how precious it can be to sometimes actively not do anything, because during the week, I get so used to rushing around all the time. I don't mind rushing around, quite the opposite, I really like being busy at work and having lots to do, but I forgot how much I love just lying in bed reading a good book and listening to the rain drops falling on the window, isn't that just one of the most calming sounds in the world? But thankfully I remembered now, so after showering I got back into bed, and now I'm just relaxing and enjoying the morning. There shouldn't be any rushing around on a Sunday, there should be cuddles, hot chocolates and cake making, and that's exactly how I intend to spend the rest of today :)

What's your favourite day of spending a Sunday?

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