Day 2

Friday, 3 January 2014

Ok, so I said I'd explain and here goes. As you might have seen I started with day 1 on the 2nd of January, slightly odd. But there's reason behind it, kind of. So I decided to do a 365 photo project, which in theory should be a photo a day for a year. However, my main resolution is actually to stress and worry less, meaning that if I do a project that will stress me a lot, it would be a little counter-productive. So, I decided to do this project and try to make the time to get my camera out as often as I can, but in an encouraging kind of way not in a another thing to cross of the to do list kind of way. Does this make sense? Probably not.
So on the first I was actually too busy spending the last day in Germany with my family and I just didn't feel like it, because I was very sad. Today, I didn't manage to take a very good photo, it's out of focus and I'm not particularly happy with the colours either, but I just inherited this really cool DSLR for Christmas and I'm not very good at it yet, but it's all about the journey, right? So fingers crossed in about a years time or maybe a lot later you'll see some good improvements, there'll also be summertime in between which means it should get slightly better just because of the light.

So yes, I think resolutions are about making changes, whenever, whether that's on the first of January or the 13th of April. You could even make one on the 27th of June, which I'd recommend because it's my mum's birthday. The main thing is that something actually changes, it's not about doing it every single day, but about doing it overall, to me anyway. I guess different things work for different people and I appreciate that.

I also considered starting a 750words project, because I think that sounds supercool too, and I might still start, but right now I'm 1) not sure how secure that website is (so I would probably just do it on my macbook) and 2) it feels too big for me right now, but then again, it should be a real challenge, right?

Have you ever thought about doing a daily project? I'm quite exited about this, but I think it will be quite difficult to dedicate enough time for it and at the same timenot be too hard on myself when I don't manage to accomplish what I set out to.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated :) Happy January!!

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