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Friday, 4 April 2014

2nd up is my lovely aunt Susi. I've decided to just tell you the trend straight up, the main thing I do with people is food related. There, I said it, but still I thought it'd be nice to share. I love spending time with her, we're very similar in many ways and one of the main things we share is our interest in a healthy lifestyle (especially the food side in my case), so what better to do than to check out a new super interesting sounding restaurant that opened near us. We usually do food related things, whether it's cook together, go for food together or even just order pizza together (as we're about to tonight, not so healthy, but much needed nonetheless). Apart from that in Winter we also like to go to the sauna, which has to be the most relaxing thing to do in Winter, especially the snuggling up in a dressing gown in the lounge bit with a cooling Apfelschore (Apple Juice with Sparkling Water, England you really need to start making this a thing, it's delicious) afterwards.
Anyway, back to this week, where we went to Herzenslust in Saarbr├╝cken. I have to say I expected more of a deli/bistro type place, and not this amazing mixture of cool, elegant and delicious food!
We both had exactly the same: A phyllo parcel filled with goats cheese served with chargrilled watermelon and tasty pesto for starter which was DE-licious! And then for mains we had cauliflower blinis with mushrooms, capers and "green sauce" and it was definitely some of the tastiest vegetarian food that I've been served lately.
Susi also managed to find us deliciously crisp white wine that went down a treat. We're both not huge dessert people, so we first declined dessert, but I found everything so delicious that I just had to order one (which we semi-shared (semi-share because Susi didn't want any, but then did find it pretty tasty)). For this I went for lemon tart with walnut parfait. Yeah, pretty good too!

I had such a great, relaxed evening with my beloved aunt, and we had some great conversations. I generally find talking to her very uplifting, because her views on things are usually very refreshing. I wish we could have these evenings together more often, but at the same time, I'm extremely grateful that when I am home, we make time to spend evenings like this together.

Again, I'd love to hear any small traditions you have with friends and/or family members.
Have a great weekend.



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