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Sunday, 13 April 2014

So it's a little bit more difficult to get my brother to spend time with me, we're still working hard on turning the "arghhh she's so annoying"s and "MUM tell him to turn the music down"s down, but generally speaking we get on pretty well now, and I'm so pleased about it, because I do like this boy who's actually grown up to be something like a man quite a lot!
My brother studies Graphic Design in Germany, and his course has a heavy emphasis on photography. So, the way to get his attention is by taking some really bad photos. Only joking. Well half joking, I don't actively take bad photos to get his attention, but he just can't help giving me his often not so complimentary comments. Anyhow, I always do try to get little lessons from him, on photoshop (elements), on my camera and on composition, which I find so so helpful, because it's all nice and good to read tips online, but it's so much better to be shown on your camera and on your computer with your particular version of a programme. So that makes for some really enjoyable time too, and breaks the habit of just doing food with everyone a little bit. Although we did do food too, he got a BBQ for his birthday and treated us to delicious food a number of times. He makes this delicious oil marinade that he keeps brushing the meat (or veg and grill cheese in my case) in, which is oh so tasty.
He's a pretty cool person, and I enjoy spending time with him immensely. Anyway, no photos of people, but I thought I'd share some of the results of our little lessons!

I hope you've had a great weekend!

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