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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Apologies for the quality, but I love the photo so wanted to include it!
I'm very happy to say that this week at home I'm actually managing to spend/have spent some quality time with every member of my family, both individually and together, and it's been so good, like so so so good. With everyone in my family I have small little traditions of what we do together when we find the time, so I thought I'd put together a couple of posts to talk about them. Today I'm starting with my grandma. 

She's an amazing lady and I always so thoroughly enjoy spending some good 1:1 time. When we find the time, we go on little days out to an old small city near us, where we first go for breakfast. And by this I mean we have breakfast, we don't just quickly strengthen for the day, but we have huge amounts of food, coffee and tea over a long period of time and have lovely long conversations. It's actually become my favourite part of the day. 

After this we hit the shops. And by this I really mean strolling around very slowly continuing our little chats and having a browse here and there. Ok I also get absolutely spoiled but that's genuinely not why I enjoy these days. I enjoy spending time with my nan who's still so fit she can walk around with me and absolutely hilarious to talk to. I also love hearing all kinds of stories about her life and all the places she's been to, which is too many to even count! She's been to all continents (except Antarctica) and I once tried to make a world map highlighting all the places she's been to for her 70th birthday. I quickly semi-regretted the idea, because it turned out quite a task, but then again it was also pretty interesting and it's needless to say it made for some pretty cool stories. 
I thought I'd include a couple of photos here, I'm sure you'll excuse the quality, but you know back in the days, wasn't so much with good digital photo quality. 

Yesterday we were especially blessed with some proper spring time weather which made the little day out even more perfect. Over the next couple of days/weeks I'll be sharing with you what kind of things I get up to with the different members of my family, and I'd absolutely love it if you shared your little traditions with me in the comments too, I'd genuinely love to hear them.

Have a wonderful day!


P.S. One last little story, when I took the top photo, I said that we should take a photo of ourselves, and she said "You mean take a selfie". So yeah my dearest nan is definitely more with the cool kids than I am. 

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