Photo Diary I

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pretty self explanatory, I'm obviously not very good at posting at the moment. I'm hoping to get more back into it soon. In the meantime, I want to just use this little space as a photo diary, because that's what I first started this blog for. It shall remind me of all the little (and big) everyday things when I go back through it :)

1. We've been together over 3.5 years and there's about 1 photo that we're in together that isn't terrible. But saying that, I quite liked this one, even if we're just goofing around, I like it, because it's a happy photo from a very happy evening at my favourite restaurant, with my favourite people. 

2. I'm a self-confessed courgette lover. I love them roasted, and in ribbons, and in spaghetti and in you name it, but never have I tasted them in a way that was as delicious as the courgette, lemon, basil and parmesan Salad at Polpo the other week. YUM!

3. These two lovely ladies came to visit me last weekend, and I already miss them so much. Is it strange that as the years go by and I supposedly grow up, I get more and more homesick? Or maybe I'm just admitting it more, who knows. It doesn't matter, either way, even if it's a sad feeling, it also makes me happy that I have an amazing other home, my home home for now that is worth missing this much.

4. We went to see The Fault in Our Stars the other day and oh boy, I have never, and I mean never sobbed like this at a film, I had read the book, so I knew what to expect, but the crying just did not stop, and at the end, Daniel asked me if I could ever be happy again. I certainly didn't look it!
On a different note, and what the photo maybe displays more: it was Wednesday and the cinema was this empty, I was genuinely scared there was an apocalypse or something happening that I just hadn't heard about. But then, I had Popcorn, so I reckon I still won.

5. We went to The Pudding Club (which I might well write about separately) yesterday. It was in the Cotswolds (I just can't get over how beautiful it is there and also how ludicrous to live in London when there's a place as utterly stunning about 1.5hrs away). Anyway, it was basically one light main and 7 (!) courses of desserts. Yeah. I'm not sure I can ever eat anything sweet again, but at the same time, that sticky toffee pudding was incredible!

6. We stayed there overnight and I was pleasantly surprised with the breakfast buffet. The things they had were quite standard in a way, but everything was selected with so much love from local sources, which gave it such a special touch.

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