A Waterstones date, Borough Market and Said London or how to spend a splendid Saturday

Monday, 25 May 2015

On Saturday I ventured into London for a lovely day out. I went in with Daniel for a long anticipated Waterstones date. I just love being in bookshops so much, and we recently started reading before bedtime again, so we thought it'd be nice to go for some inspiration. We went to the one in Piccadilly Circus and I could have literally spent days in it! What are you reading at the moment? Do you have any recommendations? We had also planned to go to Borough Market together afterwards, but due to my poor time planning that bit turned into a rather rushed 10 minutes, but efficient that we are, we managed to get the most delicious wild mushrooms, which we turned into the tastiest creamy wild mushroom pasta I've ever had! I'm always so amazed how crazy good simplicity can taste when you use truly good ingredients.

After sprinting off (without giving back Daniel's car keys that he stored in my handbag whoops), I went to meet the lovely Louise (from Beside the Danube) for a long overdue catch up. I love meeting up with her so, she's one of those people where I always leave in a happy mood and feeling inspired ♥.
We met up at Said London, a magical hot chocolate place, I simply had to try after seeing the wonderful Freya and Tania blog about it (here and here).  It loved it there (even though the checking nothing contained any nuts led to even more confusion than usually). Everything was so delicious; I had a hot (milk) chocolate, a pear and elderflower lemonade and a piece of their vegetable quiche. Like I said, everything was tasty, but of course we're here to talk about the hot chocolate. It was in fact the best I've ever had. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with hot chocolate, I will sometimes find myself craving it, but will stop liking it about two sips in. I'm pleased to report that this did not happen here. It's obviously very rich, but it's not very milky (probably because it's more like chocolate sauce than like hot chocolate as I know it), I realised that it's not the richness that usually puts me off, but the milkiness (I don't like milk, I should really have been able to figure it out before). It was actually so tasty that I regretted not going for a large one. 

I hope you have a wonderful Bank Holiday Monday.

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