Things to Try Thursday - 28/05/15

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Aloha! How's your week going? Mine's going pretty well, I'm finally managing to slowly get back into healthier food again (with chocolate bar-shaped exceptions of course) and when it works, it makes me feel pretty good. On Tuesday I made the Deliciously Ella green lentil, courgette and avocado salad (though with a slightly different dressing, because I'm loving basil at the moment) and sweet potato wedges with smoked paprika (nom!) and Daniel made some chargrilled Halloumi to go with it (he's the master of the criss-cross chargrill!). It was de-licious. I'm also forever in love with Daniel's super simple 15 minute tomato pasta (yes, yes I of course also love one that has cooked for several hours, it's just two different dishes that I don't think should be compared), pictured above.

One of the most important factors for me is to start the day right and eat something good before I get really hungry, because once I get hungry, my good intentions often go overboard and I get sad as a result.

What are you cooking up at the moment? I'd love to hear.

Anyway, let's get on with recipes I came across last week that I think would be nice to try. I've never actually made anything with Chia seeds (they scare me), but I have to say these two recipes tempt me (even though I'm sure the smoothie would be just fine without them too):

♥ Can you think of a better way to start the morning? - Coconut Citrus Sunshine Smoothie
♥ What's this? Good looking snack bars with no nuts in? I'm game! - Date and Oat Bars

♥ I already told you about my love for all things sweet potato and avocado right? - Spicy Sweet Potato Chip and Avocado Sammie
♥ I'm not sure I'd use these fancy flours, but the combination of granola and pear in a scone sounds delightful - Mini Granola and Pear Scones
♥ Oh yum - I imagine these would be lovely with either a nice lemon-y Aioli or a spicy Marinara dip - Baked Asparagus Fries
♥ Doesn't this just sound like the most refreshing thing in the world - Cucumber Basil Spa Pops
♥ I love me some cauliflower - Spaghetti with Cauliflower, Burrata and Thyme

I'm getting myself back into Pinterest for finding new things (some of the links above for example), so I'd love to find some new people to follow (do you say follow for Pinterest? I feel like I'm not down with it...), so it'd be amazing if you'd like to share your usernames/names of other people you think are worth following :)

Have a great day!


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