Book tip: The Life Changing Art of Tidying

Monday, 22 June 2015

I've become obsessed with folding clothes* - in the best possible way, but let's start at the beginning: I kept coming across this book The Life Changing Art of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever (link here if you're interested) which, let's be honest, is a pretty bold title - changing your life through tidying, yeah right. I was intrigued though, so I ordered it (and had Daniel make a lot of fun of me for buying a book about clutter and tidying, which would surely just add clutter to our room).

It came on Friday and I LOVED it; how can a book about tidying be such a pleasant read? I finished it on Saturday and genuinely couldn't wait to get tidying, so after turning an old skirt into some yarn in the morning (well attempting to and yep, turning more hippie by the day) I got to it. I won't go into the method (because you should totally read the book), but let me just tell you that I'm a total convert and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to keep it up, because the way our room and bathroom are organised now does make me happy.

(I also like this article about it)

fairly random selection of books and also, Daniel would like me to point out that his meticulous card organisation was in place beforehand. 

One thing I'm not on board with though, is the throwing away aspect; I'm not saying other people should be burdened with my old stuff, but the charity shop for example was happy to take the clothes I sorted out and like I introduced earlier, I'm planning on becoming very good at turning old, unwanted pieces of clothes into funky yarn to then turn into crochteted/knitted baskets/bags/you name it. Overall though, I think keeping your house organised with this method, can help to shop and give gifts a lot more consciously (something I said before and will probably say a million more times, has become very important to me); I just don't think that means perfectly usable things should go in the trash when there may be better alternatives (which of course there aren't always).

I don't want to end on a negative, so let's get back to the positive. In a way, I do think the book is a game changer - I really did find her writing (even if translated, it's about what's between the lines anyway isn't it) inspiring and uplifting and I'm loving our room at the moment, and most important of all I guess, I can see myself keeping it up; I can only recommend it (do try to recycle where reasonable though ;) ).

Have you read the book? What did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Have a lovely evening.


* Unrelated to this post really, but I just wanted to get it out there; people often use the term OCD for when people are very neat and tidy and like things organised and it really bothers me. It's like saying someone's depressed when they're just having a bad day or are a little sad, both are actual illnesses. OCD is not that cute, little perk someone has, it's a crippling mental illness that can seriously impact people's days. Rant over.

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