My Favourite, Simple Summer Drink

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Just a quick post today. I wanted to tell you about my new favourite drink this summer; and no, it's not beer. I probably should have put it in a Kilner Jar with a pretty straw, but I don't have one to hand at the moment, and I thought hey, why not show it how I drink it, which is admittedly, by the pint.
It's so simple, it's not even a recipe, it's more something that maybe one of you wants to try too. I read the (very technical term) tea water on Nishaantishu, and whilst I'm not entirely sure what she meant with it, it made me try the following and I just found it too refreshing to not share.

1. Mix:
* a little lemon juice (a teaspoon or so)
* a couple of tablespoons of Earl Grey (as in from a cup of tea)
* a lot (proportionally speaking) of drinking
... and possibly some ice-cubes.

2. Enjoy

Sometimes I also replace the Earl Grey with Green Tea to mix it up a little.

What's your favourite summer drink?
I hope you're having a splendid day :)

P.S. Obviously make your own choice about how much lemon juice to use (or leaving it out altogether), I've heard that if you drink too much, it can be bad for your teeth; I drink it highly diluted and never before brushing my teeth, but I'm clearly no authority on dental health or health in general for that matter.

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