Things to Try Thursday - 11/06/15

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How refreshing do these watermelon juices from Borough Market look?

Hello beautiful people, it's once again Thursday (in case you didn't notice) and it's actually sunny today which is a nice touch; I was wrapped in a blanket for most of this week up till now, because I for some reason insisted on wearing shorts, so this is a nice little change. We've had pretty tasty food over the last week or two as well; delicious mushroom risotto with mushrooms from Borough market, Halloumi and courgette burgers with smoked paprika sweet potato wedges and a harissa-lime dip, as well as some delicious sea salt dark chocolate and oat cookies (based on Rosie's, but with a few changes due to availability issues for the spelt flour and my desire to put oats in). They were tasty and the best is, I still have cookie dough in the fridge! I also really want to try these with Lindt's coconut dark chocolate and their caramel fleur de sel dark chocolate nom nom.

Anyway, here we go with some things to try, eating and otherwise.

Food and Drink

♥ This seems like a fairly summery dish - Grilled Aubergines with Olive Oil, Garlic, Parsley and Feta Cheese

♥ I think this herby-sweet combination could work a treat - Herby Shortbread Clouds

♥ Hello delicious potential brunch recipe - Spiced Sweet Potato with Crispy Fried Egg

♥ This Ultimate Veggie Sandwich looks ultimately exciting and tasty (I'm actually keeping this tab open, because I might have to make it for lunch)

♥ A Simple Olive Oil and Parsley Pasta - yumm-ay

Knitting & Co

♥ I'm in love with the simplicity of this jumper. I bought some green wool the other day which I might just have to use for this - Il Grande Favorito

♥ I just love the colour of this one - although that's not the actual pattern, you can find the pattern here

♥ Quilting seems like something pretty fun to get into as well, doesn't it? Beautiful Tiny Tile Quilt

♥ I'm not sure if I could rock these, but I think they're definitely very cool - Floral Lace Shorts

Have a great remainder of the week.


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