More Iceland Photos + My Strange Desire to Move to Sweden

Thursday, 29 October 2015

I realised that I never posted the remainder of the photos from Iceland, so I thought I'd do that now. If you didn't see the first post, you can have a look here. After some days of less than ideal weather, we got very lucky on the Monday, so we decided to try and see as much of the Golden Circle as possible. The photo above is of the Gullfoss waterfall, which was just breathtakingly beautiful. To get an idea of scale, check out the people in the top right.

Again: Gullfoss
This one was taken near the Secret Lagoon. We got there after a pretty long day and didn't have swimwear on us, but we both thought it'd be a pretty cool place to hang out, especially in the evening.

Why yes, I do really want to sort my books by colour now. This my friends was taken in the beautiful, beautiful Laundromat café (I think there's a couple of them in other cities too, because I later discovered, I actually have it on my Copenhagen list too); we ended up going here for breakfast 3(!) times. Yep, that's how we roll. The veggie full english breakfast type thing (at the weekend) came with fried potatoes, hummous, brie, eggs, fresh fruit, pancakes and chocolate butter. It was delightful, and speaking of delightful, I could have literally bathed in their Chai Lattes, they were the most comforting thing I've ever drunk, they felt like a very loving hug. But let's get back to the pancakes with chocolate butter, or, the real reason why we went there three times. I liked them a lot, but Daniel was in love with them, so much so, that he asked for them on the days when they weren't actually on the menu. Just look how happy he is:

They also have fresh fruit flavoured (tap) water which was delightful, and it was a nice touch that it was free, even though it tasted so much better than just tap water.

Whilst we're on the topic of food recommendations, if you ever do find yourself in Reykjavik, I highly recommend that you have yourself some Gelato at Bada Bing (absolutely delicious and huge portions) and a couple of cinnamon swirls from Bakeri Sandholt (I think that was the one, sorry about being unsure).


I really (really!) loved Iceland, I didn't want to leave and I'd go back in a heartbeat. It just felt like a place I could call home. I have this with the nordic countries in general; something about them just makes my heart wish I could live there, and this feeling is the strongest with Sweden. To me, it just seems like Swedish people (and scandinavian people in general) are kinder, more genuine and like they do things better and value the right things. I just really kind of feel like I belong there, not the UK. I feel like their culture fits my personality so much better, like it fits it perfectly. I know that not everything is perfect there (even though it sure seems that way to me), but I feel like I could deal with those imperfections better than with the ones here. I keep finding myself frustrated at how much culture and society here demand that you need to be extraverted, people are telling me that to be successful, you just need to be more obtrusive, but that's just not me, and it's really not something I believe in either. And it feels like, different things are valued in Sweden, less masculine things.

This is weird right? Especially considering that I've only been to Sweden once; it's all based on a feeling (though a feeling I get from reading about Scandinavian countries; here's a very random example). Has anyone of you ever had that feeling that you belong in a different country? Can anyone tell me the bad and the ugly about Sweden, so I can maybe loose this desire and realise that I'm just dreaming up something that doesn't exist?

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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