A Handmade Christmas - My Favourite Resources

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite resources for handmade things with you (both for patterns/inspiration and for buying materials).

⋆ Ravelry - Ravelry is incredible for browsing through knitting and crocheting patterns; lots and lots are free, others come with a slight fee and yet others aren't purchasable online, but are in a book, but still, it's all good inspiration and at the very least, if you want the pattern, they send you in the right direction. Feel free to add me, I'm @chailattetogo on there :)
Some Favourites: Women's Ballet Slippers || Yoga Shawl || The 100 Stitch Slouch || Drop Stitch Cowl

⋆ A Beautiful Mess - I think most of you (if not all) will be aware of the amazing a Beautiful Mess website. Some of their DIY projects are way too out there for me, but others I think I could really get on board with.
Some Favourites: All of their Photo Books || Kitchen Wall Art

⋆ Purl Soho - This website makes me sad that I can't go to their physical shop in New York (once I realised it wasn't London Soho that is), luckily they share the most beautiful knitting, sewing, and crocheting patterns online.
Some Favourites: Colourblock Bias Blanket || Quilted Zipper Pouches || Edged Linen Wrap

⋆ Love Knitting is great if you're looking to buy wool online (or anything else you might need for knitted/crocheted items for that matter). They also have a huge amount of patterns you can browse through; some are free and some you can buy.

Are you planning to make some gifts this year? If so (or if you're just into making in general), I'd love to hear your favourite sources for patterns/inspirations.



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