The gifts I made for Christmas

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Before Christmas, I read an Instagram post, where people shared their experiences of giving handmade gifts. I think at that stage, I had already decided to go for it, but what I read, scared me a little, people wrote about how the recipients of their gifts they put so much time in didn't appreciate them. However, I am very happy to report, that the recipients of my gifts all at least put on a good show and pretended to like them, they seemed to go down really well and I feel lucky that I know the sort of people who seem to appreciate this sort of thing. Today I thought I'd share the things I made :)

For my mum I made these pyjama bottoms with this cute, really soft fox fabric. I definitely learnt from making my pair weeks before and this time I didn't (I repeat did not) sew the draw string hole shut ;). Whilst making this, I listened to a Harry Potter audiobook, it was such a fun afternoon. The pattern for these came from the Tilly and the Buttons book (they're the Margot Pyjama Bottoms)

For my grandad, I made a stripy lap blanket, which was just so much fun to make and it turned out so warm and cozy! I used this pattern on Purl Soho for inspiration, but you know, it was a blanket, so fairly straight forward (which is why I didn't care much that it's a pattern for a crib blanket, crib, lap whatever ;) )

For my nan, I made these green dishcloths. Now I know this might seem like a super boring present, but she asked for some, so I didn't chose to make dishcloths for no reason. I used the pattern from the Erika Knight crochet book. 

For my aunt I made these little wrist warmers (pattern again from the Erika Knight crochet book, though I didn't manage the actual pattern, so I just used the outline and did a different crochet pattern hah). I really want to make myself some wrist warmers too now; I made some dodgy ones in the past that didn't look very nice, but I'm always impressed with just how much difference they make to me feeling warm overall.

For Daniel's sister, I made a cozy little snood, no pattern just basic moss stitch in storm grey and a beigey tone. Again, I've now started making myself one too, hah. 

In addition to these, I also made two really simple hats. I really, really LOVED making every single one of these gifts, even if some of them (wrist warmers *caugh*) needed unwinding and redoing about a million times. I loved actually spending time making presents for people as opposed to just checking names of a list as soon as I'd ordered something of Amazon. Did you make any presents this year? I'd love to hear :)

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