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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sometimes I'm sad that there doesn't seem to be enough time to do all the things I want to do. I want to do well at my Masters, more so even, I want to learn as much as I possibly can at uni, so one day, I can help companies make their employees happier and less stressed. I want to become really good at taking photos and at making my own clothes, be it through knitting*, crocheting or sewing, and therefore spend hours and hours practicing and looking for articles and blogposts that will help me to get better or simply will inspire me to try something new. I'd like to listen to lots of podcasts and read even more books. I want to do a lot of yoga, preferably every single day. And above all that, I want to be a sincere friend, a loving girlfriend, a thoughtful and considerate daughter, granddaughter, sister and niece. 

But I'm only sad about that for about one second, before the sadness turns into happiness. Isn't that very fact, not that there isn't enough time, but that there's so many things and more importantly people that I feel passionate a really good thing, doesn't that make me oh so lucky? Isn't feeling passionate one of the best feelings there are? And I guess it's just about priorities, big stones, little stones, sand, water, you all know the story right? I've decided to make a bigger effort to make time for what's important to me, and to remind myself that it's not about the hours worked but about how much I get done and learn in the hours that I do learn (which is usually increased after I go to yoga). I'm trying to schedule my weeks better, whilst always remaining flexible for impromptu time spent with/talking to my nearest and dearest, and most of all, I'm trying to make myself remember that this feeling that there's too much I'd like to do is a good thing.


*One day... and if it's in ten years I need to make the yoga shawl pattern by Andrea Mowry, it's just so beautiful. But I guess it'll have to come after all the other little making projects I've got planned, and also I feel like I'll have to get better at knitting first. 

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