D and J go to Lapland: Everything else

Friday, 18 March 2016

Today I just wanted to quickly share the last set of photos from our Lapland trip, nothing spectacular, but still they all represent little memories I'm fond of :)

We realised that we have this super strange (and pretty unhealthy) habit of walking from one food place right into the next (see here for example). We went for delicious Mexican food one evening, only to go to the nearest Kiosk afterwards to stock up on snacks. As you can see, even the coldest of weather doesn't put Daniel off eating an iceburger type icecream thing (don't ask), even if it means having to do so with gloves on. I passed on the icecream (lame I know), but joined him for some oreos when we got back to our hotel.

D.: "Are we going to go look at the ice cats now"? 
Me: 😳 | ??? | 😳 | ??? | 😳
*Walk over*
Me: Ahhhhh 😻

So apparently it turns out ice cats aren't actual animals, but something that some people take pleasure in sculpting. Others take pleasure in looking at the sculpted ice cats (look how pleased he is!). 

And last but not least: LOOK, we met a Reindeer! I'm pretty sure it wasn't Rudolph (not even a hint of red on that nose), but it was still nice. Daniel even managed to reindeer whisper him/her over to greet us. 

And then it was already time to say goodbye to beautiful Lapland. Our return journey was pretty much the exact opposite to our way there, since we only had about 45 minutes between landing of flight one and departure of flight two, which just happened to depart from what seemed the exact opposite of the airport, but we made it, so it doesn't matter too much. 

I can't wait to go back to Scandinavia this summer, when we're going to Stockholm. If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them :) Until then, Hyvästi (that's Finish for goodbye in case you didn't guess/aren't a fluent Finish speaker). 

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